Monday, May 24, 2010

High School Heroes: Sensational Super Six

The High School Heroes series continues this week with its fourth installment. Please meet the Sensational Super Six! The SS6 were my resident super-team. These are the characters I changed the most drastically when re-imagining them for this series. I even went so far as dropping two members from the original six (ones that I found entirely boring and pointless now) and replacing them with two of what had been my lower-tier solo characters who seemed in retrospect to be better served rounding out a team than running around on their own. You don't need me to explain to you that these characters were my answer to both the X-Men and the Fantastic Four. Enjoy!


In most of this series, I've provided scans of art from the original comics these old characters appeared in. Unfortunately, I don't a good group shot of the Sensational Super Six that was easily accessible for this. They weren't especially frequently used.


Eric said...

Loving Diesel, Popcorn and Current... but I have to say I sincerely don't remember these characters! Had you phased them out by the time I met you? If not, I apologize... but it has been a long time!

Chris_Garrison said...

Ha, these are all very fun. To me, Jackass captures perfectly the idea behind the Beast. "He can jump around and stuff, it'll be great!"

I like the design of the Human Skunk's face. And Slime Girl should have pineapple chunks suspended inside. Well, I guess that would be Jello girl. Still ...

Andrew said...

Thanks, gang!

Eric: Yes, SS6 had bit parts not only in high school, but in one of the college Mondsville storylines, so you have seen them many years ago. However, the Jackass is an even older character that I only just now added to the 6, replacing one of the originals, so you may never have seen him before. Also, I've extensively redesigned every one of them from their olden appearances, rendering them nearly unrecognizable. Much more drastic changes than any of the others in this series.

Chris: The Jackass makes for a very Beast/Wolverine combo...the antics of the beast, the anger issues of Wolverine, and the brain of...well...not much of anything.

And Slime Girl does have pineapple chunks suspended inside.......but only when she's just eaten pineapples! :)

Anonymous said...

this could easily become
a series on adult swim- or something
100x better.

Andrew said...

Thanks, Brian! I thought this series I'm doing was just a nostalgic lark. It's great that some people are actually responding to the characters! Maybe I should take note.