Monday, May 17, 2010

High School Heroes: Kickin' Fightin' Chicken

The High School Heroes series continues this week with KFC: Kickin' Fightin' Chicken! "KFC" was just a throwaway joke that turned up in one of my high school doodle notebooks. He ended up taking on a life of his own, making sporadic appearances in comics over the next two or three years. Many of my superhero characters were loose parodies of "real" superheroes. I think KFC, while looking like Rambo, came to be a sort of "Punisher" parody. Enjoy!


And here is a sample of how KFC appeared back in the old days!


Eric said...

I actually get a very Quentin Tarantino vibe from the new piece... Would be kind of cool to make a campy revenge short with this character. KFC FTW!

Anonymous said...

are we going to see the weird
alien guy(in sunglasses?) appear in an upcoming

Andrew said...

Thanks guys:

Brian: While we are going to see a sampling of villains at the end of this series, the alien in sunglasses guy isn't in it. He actually only ever appeared in the comic sampled here, and I can barely remember him (I tried to only use the most frequently used villains for this project).

There is something kinda cool about an alien in sunglasses, though, isn't there? I think his powers involved mind control and telekinesis.