Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Here I come to save the daaay!

Did this for a Mighty Mouse character jam over at the Drawing Board. It was fun to revisit Mighty Mouse. I loved him dearly for a period when I was very small. I remember the old cartoons used to come on TV very early in the morning and I'd watch them before kindergarten. One Halloween I even dressed up as Mighty Mouse. My costume consisted of a pair of black mouse ears, my nose painted black, a red cape, and a Mighty Mouse T-shirt which featured his name and image (I'm not sure why mom didn't help me find something actually yellow and red to wear with the cape--maybe I insisted on wearing the T-shirt since I liked it so much).

I wore the costume to a church party and also trick-or-treating. Every single person, young and old, who saw me called me Mickey Mouse. MICKEY! If the red cape didn't give it away, I would have thought the shirt that said MIGHTY MOUSE in bright, colorful letters would have helped them along. I remember feeling so exasperated by the end of the night. I guess Mighty Mouse has always been a bit of an under-the-radar character.

Anyway...what was the point again? Oh yeah...here's a Mighty Mouse drawing. Looks like he put the hurt on Oilcan Harry pretty bad.


DICK! said...

Another Superlative piece by "uncle" Au Jus. Smashing job on Oil Can Harry (haha) and Pearl looks good too. Nothing like a violent take on a childhood favorite! Mighty Mouse used to come on at like 6:30 am on Saturdays and I loved it... Now I couldn't MAKE myself get up @ 6:30 am. Good job!

Andrew said...

Thanks, glad ye like it. Yes, ol' Mighty Mouse was always relegated to the wee early hours for some reason...probably another of Mickey's steps in his monopolization of the role of top celebrity mouse.