Monday, March 27, 2006

Random Doodles of Undeniable Oddity.

I'm afraid the subject line of this post could be used to describe any number of my doodles, but this time it is used to describe these.


DICK! said...

I especially enjoy the crazy man with the other man coming out of his fist...he's disturbing!

m cho said...

Awesome, awesome stuff on this blog! Even your creepiest doodle has a warm and positive vibe!

Great stuff-- and don't even get me started on that hilarious "all natural Herb"!!

Goobeetsablog said...

That moose and wrestler are going to rumble- it's in the can sense it right?

like m cho said- creepy yet very cute.
nice grouping of penciled stuff.

(as will find Studio Bueno listed among the "people more talented than I" section of my blog


Andrew said...

Thanks for the comments, guys, I'm glad you enjoyed the weirdness.

And Brian, thanks for adding my link. I suppose you noticed I've added yours as well. ( money is on the moose. He has antlers.)