Thursday, March 23, 2006

Kinda Kristin Kreuk

Smallville's Kristin Kreuk was the subject for the latest Drawing Jam over on the Drawing Board, and this is one of my interpretations of the three pictures we had to choose from. Knowing in advance I'm horrible at likenesses, I wasn't going for an actual likeness (that must be good to know), but rather just tried to capture the overall form of the picture, and there you have it. The folds in the fabric made it a fun exercuise. I actually took a shot at one of the other Kristin pictures used in the Jam, but I ended up devolving it into a really strange oddity that has nothing remotely to do with the original work. That, my friend, is why it was relegated to that subtle link right there and wasn't made one of the primary images in this post.


DICK! said...

I like the form of the pic, but yeah, the likeness is off. I really like the other hippo pic, though!

Goobeetsablog said...

I think the hippo piece is brilliant.

I really like that the photo was a jumping off point- and you let your imagination fill in the rest.

good stuff-

Is it ok if I add you to my sidebar?

Andrew said...

Hey, it's gubixcube himself! Thanks for the comments, Brian, I'm glad you liked the hippo. Why is it the pieces I'm always most insecure about seem to be the ones other people like better? By all means add me to your sidebar, I'd be quite happy. I'll add you to my own as well, assuming that's cool, too.