Saturday, March 04, 2006

Red Red Red

Anyone who's been keeping up have seen the recent couple of artings I did which illustrated chosen songs (for a thread on the Drawing Board, not surprisingly).
My first two pieces each featured lyrics from They Might Be Giants songs. I did a third piece which I didn't finish up until recently....
This time the song I used was Fiona Apple's "Red Red Red" from her current album, "Extraordinary Machine" I don't believe the song was intended to have quite as dark a meaning as I've given it here, but I thought this made for an interesting twist on things at any rate. If you've never heard the song, track it down (buying the album wouldn't hurt) and give it a listen.
As for the art...yeah, I know it's quite a bit darker than my usual fare. Don't worry. Everyone plays around with something different now and then. I've no plans to start replacing the cute girls and funny animals with frequent bloodbaths or anything.


Jessica said...

This is VERY different for you, but I really like it. You did a good job on the coloring!

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